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A letter to Lavrov and one kilogram of gold: SBU shows search results in Berezhnoy – Ukraine

The other defendant in the case found unregistered weapons and equipment for confidential negotiations.

Already deceased mother of former regionalka Irina Berezhnoy Elena during the search, law enforcement officials found evidence of his anti-Ukrainian activities.

On this November 7 report the press center of the Ukrainian Security Service.

In particular, Elena Berezhnoy found many documents and electronic media, confirming her illegal activities. He also found a letter to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the need to intensify the activities of Russian organizations in Ukraine.

In addition, one kilogram of gold bars is found in Berezhnoy.

SBU is also looking for the leader of the Union of Left Forces, Vasily Volga. The secret soldier found equipment for secret negotiations and magnetic information carriers that showed his cooperation with the Russian Federation.

The SBU confiscated unregistered weapons and pro-Russian equipment from several other defendants in this case.

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Recall, on November 6, the Ukrainian Security Service conducted a search for representatives of pro-Russian public organizations, in particular deceased ex-regionalka mother Irina Berezhnoy – Elena Berezhnoy. The search takes place within the framework of the criminal process opened under Part 1 of Art. 109 and Part 1 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (betrayal and overthrow of cruel power). The Ukrainian Security Service considers that they are contributing to the special services of aggressors in implementing plans to disrupt the socio-political situation in Ukraine.

VideoThe mother of the late Irina Berezhnoy was looking for weapons and proof of her separatist activities.

Search by bite and ambulance. The SBU during the day tried to do a search in the apartment of the deceased deputy mother of the "Party of Regions" Irina Berezhnaya. The researchers broke the door with a grinder, and the hostess bit the culprit and shouted so much that she called the doctors. As part of the aid case for special services for aggressors, the SBU found that Elena Berezhnaya, at the instruction of the curator from Moscow, destabilized the situation in Ukraine.

The mother of the late Irina Berezhnoy was looking for weapons and proof of her separatist activities.

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