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A terrible injury leader is the end of the team? Match the odds

January is an alarming time for every fan. The bodies of the leaders who play for 32-35 minutes begin to wear out gradually, and every ordinary match threatens to turn into torn crosses or other injuries that may end the season not only for the player but also for the the whole team.

Victor Oladipo / Photo: © Reuters

For example, for Pelican, the final championship ended on January 26, when Demarkus cousins ​​broke left Achilles, now has serious concerns about the future of Indiana Pacers.

Last night, Panthers leading Victor Villarreal in a match with Toronto suffered a knee injury and was forced to finish the match. The severity of the disability is indicated not only by the fact that the defender was taken off the litter, but also by Olapado himself:

"When I slipped, I immediately realized the trauma was serious.

Defender has done MRI – tear tearing of the four-head Oladipo came out before the end of the season. At least let's imagine how the forecast will affect Pacers, who has so far had the unofficial title "one of the favorites in the shadow playoffs."

Victor Olaido is the most productive player in Indiana (19.2 points on average per game), but the lack of damage will be a defensive order for his team. Last season Victor attacked more effectively (23.1 points per game) and finished the game with his first match of the stars, but the side effects of Victor's attack were holes in the defense.

Oladipo is one of the best bilateral players in the league, and most of the Pacers' defense schemes include his participation. Pacers Nate Macmillan's coach was forced to give Oladipo a free kick. And only he sat on the bench, the defensive team's rating fell, as in his time on the Zimbabwean dollar. In the absence of Oladipo, Pacers missed an average of 6.8 points.

Therefore, in the off-season, McMillan put the accents differently and, as it turned out, did not lose. Now the Pacers have a second defense in the league and are confidently going to the third line of the Western Conference that gives the advantage of their playoff site.

The most important thing for Pacers is now not to fall below fourth. In February, the team has a more favorable calendar than the direct competitors of Boston and Philadelphia. So there is an opportunity to avoid a crisis.

Barter the same assailant striker as Oladipo, during the winter transfers from Pacers will generally not work. But you can try to add the size of the back line by acquiring Centavius ​​Caldwell-Pope from the Lakers or selecting Garrett Temple from Grizzlies who are already ready to change everything, including Mark Gasol and Mike Conley. The piles themselves also have negotiating material. Already in December, Pacemakers' intention was to divide with one of Darren Collison's cousin, Cory Joseph.

Indiana heated fans should be aware that the injury to Oladipo will make it possible for other players to play. At first Oladipo will most likely be replaced by his regular changer Tyrik Evans. The veteran is already far from the status of 2010 when he received the title of the best newcomer in the league, but part of the plasma injections in his left knee in December markedly cheered him up. In the last 13 games, Evans scored only less than 10 points twice.

Besides him, Boyan Bogdanovic and Domantas Sabonis break the victim's protocols. The Bosnians are not far from the Oladipo fire rate (16.3 points on average per game) and generally occupy the best season in the league. Therefore, with increasing playing time, he is fully capable of meeting expectations. We have repeatedly mentioned Sabonis, it is enough to add that Domantas has the highest performance rating in the team.

All this suggests that Indiana will be able to resist after a collision with the harsh reality. At least in the regular season, where many of the teams that failed in the first half of the season will now start emptying the tanks. Actions of the same Memphis as an example.

In the playoffs, where the role of the individual talents of performers increases, Oladipo will definitely be missed. But putting your head on the scaffold some time ago is not worth it, just remember last year's entry of the bloodless and deafened Celtics who eventually drank a lot of blood from their competitors. "Indiana" seems like a logical continuation of this tradition.

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