Monday , June 14 2021

Activision Blizzard will cut about 800 employees – News – Gambling

After a series of leaks Activation storm began a process of large-scale staff cuts in all key divisions, including Activision, blizzard and kingToday, about 800 people will lose their jobs.

Obviously, the dismissal, at least in Blizzard, will not directly affect game developers.

According to KotakuBlizzard's current CEO, Jay Allen Brack, has begun sending emails to his subordinates, informing employees of the upcoming mass layoffs, highlighting that he will primarily refer to support departments and not to game developers.

The letter also states that the redundancies will affect not only US offices but also offices in other regions. All former employees are promised decent compensation and help in finding a new job.

Leakey suggests that the basic layoffs at Blizzard will take place in publishers and electronics divisions.

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