Sunday , July 25 2021

Actor Jean-Pierre Mariel died – News of KP.UA

During his career, the Frenchman participated in more than 150 paintings.

In France, at the age of 87, the actor Jean-Pierre Marieel died. The last days spent at the Saint-Cloud hospital where he is being treated. In recent years the artist suffers from a severe illness. This is reported by BFMTV regarding the deceased's husband.

Date and place of funeral will be announced later. Say goodbye to the actor will be in a tight circle.

Jean-Pierre Marielle had a very rich career. During his long life, he starred in more than 150 films, including "All Morning World," "Robbery," "Blow Up the Bank," "Shagreen Leather," "Evening Dress," and "Gray Soul.

In addition, Marielle was nominated eight times for France's main film award, Cesar, but never received it. In 2007, the artist was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor.

Recently, at the age of 93, the director, Marlene Hucziev, died. His most famous works are "Spring of the Worn Street", "Two Fedor" and "Zastava Ilich". On 16 March, the director was taken to the intensive care unit of the Moscow hospital where he died on March 19th. The date and place of farewell to the legend will be reported later.


With Vladimir Etuş farewell to the songs of Mirey Matthew

In Moscow, he said goodbye to Vladimir Etuş. On March 12th, at the Theater of Vahtangov, a theater actor for which he was admitted to the troupe, a civic pansy was held. On Tuesday, the posters in the theater lounge were covered with a black cloth, and at the entrance were portraits of an artist in one of his roles on the stage. During the farewell, the favorite performer Ethusha Mirey Matthew plays, as well as acting monologues.

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