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Amazon patented cryptographic system based on the "Proof of Work" algorithm.

Technology giant Amazon is interested in crypto-technology technologies. This is evidenced by the company's patent, which, among other things, mentions the consensus Proof-of-Work algorithm and the structure of Merkle tree data, CoinDesk reports.

The patent application was filed in December 2016 and describes the PoW-based system that provides access to the resource for the computational work done.

The first party (for example, a client computer system) may request access to a computer resource. The second party (e.g., the service provider) can determine the call that can be made to the first party. A valid solution to the problem can be generated and provided to execute the query, – referred to in the patent specification.

The Merkle tree at the same time allows you to check the data transmitted to peer-to-peer networks by verifying the accuracy of the detected blocks.

The application description also states that this solution can be used to prevent DoS and DDoS attacks:

"The algorithm will force DoS or DDoS attackers to generate the correct workload solution that may require the use of computing resources in attacking systems and significantly reduce the speed with which organizations participating in the attack can send queries, – says the document.

It is worth noting that despite the use of the terms "cryptographic key", "digital signature", "public key signature" and the hash algorithm SHA-256, block or cryptoLight are not mentioned directly in the patent.

It is not yet known exactly where the patented system will be used – there are no official comments from the company.

Recall that in November 2018, Amazon launched a platform to block decentralized networks.

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