Sunday , June 13 2021

Annie Lorak is sick of the star fever and angry her fans

Starry Disease: Annie Lorak angered the fans

Ani Lorak (photo:

Fans invaded Carolina after one of the concerts.

Annie Lorrach, who recently plundered Russia in shorts and a fur coat, was again the subject of a discussion on the web. This time the fans of the Ukrainian singer criticized the singer for her hypocrisy and assumed she had a star fever. Here's what users write in the comments under Caroline's new video.

The video fragment of Annie Loren's concert as part of the Diva tour in Russian cities. Apparently she walks around the room, gathers flowers and at some point picks up a little girl.

"My little audience is the most sincere in the world!" – wrote Lorrach.


The fans immediately attacked the artist.

"I admire her creativity, but she has raised starry fever," wrote one user.

"And how many guards have gathered …" – he noticed another.

"How they (the stars) enjoy their glory and attention!" – wrote the third one.

"Pull it, he's already strolling along the corridor with four guards," another user commented.

– Will you be in front of the kids in a jump? Caroline asked another subscriber.

Recall that Ani Laura's recent appearance is highly criticized for her enthusiasm for "improvement".

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