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Avakov presented a plan of deconstruction Donbassa

Avakov presented a plan of deconstruction Donbassa

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Akovak presented the Doncasas deconstruction plan to the USSR

The process of decommissioning is a two-step demilitarization of the Donbas in accordance with the plan, which can be 6-8 months.

Prime Minister Vladislav Arsenev took part in the Temple of the Washington Institute in Washington on Tuesday, February 12, presenting a strategy for de-acquisitions and reintegration of Donbassa, a press service.

"Our strategic mindset – the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, we offer a new format that needs to be supported by the public." "We have our strategy for de-acquisitions and reintegration of Donbas Механизмом малых шагов, which is considered to be the result of the demand for the result of this shag for shagom ", – said Avakov.

By way of illustration, the necessary legal framework must be established, the status of the special international organizations, the monitoring programs, the advisory and the resource resources.

"In our country, not the conflict of religious grounds, not the conflict of the этнической почве." The conflict in Ukraine is out of the question, "the peace talks, the work of the Bulgarian government and the work of the Ukrainian municipalities, underlined Avakov.

The strategy is to ensure the safety of the separate area of ​​the territory. Гуждедарственная граничная служба Украины при поддержке специальной международной миротворческой мисии должна взять на этот участок и его границы под контро. The police, the ministerial ministers, have high expectations of national police, national guards and monitoring misions.

"Восстанавливается работа всех государственных институтов, правооранилятьных органов Украины, возобновляются безопась и правопорядок, социальное обеспечение, образование, финансова сфера, а также достойный уровень жизни", – the author of the law, headed MVD.

According to the ministry, "the people of Ukraine are aware of the Ukrainian government with a Ukrainian flag, which has provided for compromise conditions, which have secured the necessary quality of life and safety," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ukraine.

"Then, how do I manage to manage the perimeter of the country, how much will it happen and how much it will depend on the quantities of our resource – from the amount of peace and the resources of the state," he added.

Avakov predicted that the process of de-acquisitions could be two-thirds from the sixth to the second month.

The Minister also underlined that Ukraine does not allow federalizations and autonomies. "Государственная граница Украины должна контролироваться исключительно ГССУ." Жители деоккупированных территорий Donbassa – градина Украины The theories of tom, which are given to you Donbass, а вы нам Крым "быть не должно", – отмев Аваков.

Croma togo, by ego word, amnesty can not be added to faces, which can be found in many cases. "And, in a nutshell, there is no question of a Uruguay course in the EU and NATO," the head of the MVD said.

The Moskva does not consider a sergeant's new plan OSCE on Donbassu

Reminder, Renee Representative OSCE in Trestostronne contact group Martin Saidik has also been involved in the new plan for the settlement of Donbasses instead of Minsk Soglashny. On the road to the United Nations, the United Nations puts strands in the Ukrainian police and the EU under the auspices of the EU.

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