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Bachelor 9: Sofia brings mother of Dobrinin to tears – photo

In the eleventh edition of the show "Bachelor-9" Sofia brought the mother to the main character Nikita Dobrinin to tears

The bachelor introduced the girl to her parents in order to understand her better as the participant remains a mystery. OBOZREVATEL follows the details.

Sofia was afraid that the relatives of Dobrinin would not like her, but her first glance turned out to be positive because she was very smiling and friendly. In order to free the participant, the mother told her about her past. Sofia asked many questions and behaved like a friend.

"For me, the project was a great test, and it was interesting how I would feel, I did not know who Bach would be waiting for," she admitted to her parents.

Nikita's mother did not like this answer because it seemed so that Sofia did not come to the project not for love. In a personal conversation, the woman asked the potential sister-in-law about several important questions: children, marriage.

"I would like my son to be alive, to give life, I'm only 22. I can not say I want kids now," said the girl, adding that she knows the relationship, listens to a man, wants to find a strong shoulder.

The fact that Sofia is very jealous – did not like her mother. "Research, career, development, I do not want to hear it," said the woman behind the scenes.

"For me, love is when I want to give in. If you think it is infinite, you have to decide to take this step," said Sofia, moving the woman to tears because she did not expect such a wise answer.

Then Nikita's father decided to talk to the participant. She admitted that Dobrinin's previous marriage does not worry, though for her a serious relationship will be the first. She also admitted that it is important for her to take care of herself in order not to be a burden. Dad saw she was independent, and Nikita would be interested in such a woman.


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