Sunday , June 20 2021

Bank of America calls the currency that can rise against the dollar and the yen

honest: How do you imagine it?
Here's your ringing at the door, will I open you for vaccination?

I will not answer, nothing opens.
Vaccination is not an obligation, it is an option.
You may, but you can postpone it.

The sea: Who helps the yen, he spends time.
Yapona Mead said let the Russian Federation drive the tango to occupy the Kunashi and iturubs (your mother)

Jannbel: Sea (22:45), but I was thinking the other way around when I was reading the news

The sea: Frank (22:44), Sergei, it all depends on the organisms. Everything happens differently. Some are dealing with their immunity, others do not.

Leto: Sea (22:41), will there be devaluation?

harlowbutler: yse (22:42), can we say that the fists were in a favorable position before the state's repressive measures against them or not?

summer: harlowbutler (22:42), of course, you are funny

Jannbel: Yes, I watch the parade in St. Petersburg on the grounds …

The sea: Jannbel (22:47) This is the Chinese plan, so they will create a ring of prosperity. China-Korea-Mongols-RF-Yapi, in which the input will be some people, some territory, some resources, and technology Yaps and money.

harlowbutler: leto (22:49), no, not funny. I believe this is an idiotic rejection of vaccinations.

The sea: leto (22:48) Not yet, but if it's long-term, it's already historic. But not forever.

Leto: harlowbutler (22:51), why? Do you think the bacteriological wars are already? I did not mean to agree. I wonder how they will catch people?

Jannbel: Frank (22:44) that people in white coats have saved the war in the movie so they are saved – forced vaccination

harlowbutler: leto (22:52), I do not understand how they will catch them, they can not catch recruits. They have no mechanisms.

The sea: summer (22:52), harlowbutler (22:51), hepatitis, measles, smallpox, tuber, tetanus and others. sogladze.
But flu, then xs. every year changes a lot.

harlowbutler: perebani all pancakes, Herod)

YSE: harlowbutler (22:48), if you replace a fist with a successful farmer, everything will fall into place. there will be no winning position.

"fist" – the very word brings negative emotion and the illusion of this winning position. he already has the moral right to crush him.

The sea: Taki Dies Rover Opportunity. It is still too early for people to fly. Kohl iron is not standing.

Aragorn: harlowbutler (22:48) This is despite the fact that the grain problems are in fact the whole NES, and the forerunner of the invention is still the Russian Empire. *)) In fact the agrarian state and its problems in one place at best, and even to the detriment, because it climbs with its incomprehensible taxes. *)) NEP and turned when in 28 really hunger and hunger was rising.))

"The peasants responded simply – they stopped selling grain beyond what they needed to pay taxes." The first commercial crisis in industrial goods came in the autumn of 1923. 1924-1925 the fiscal year (that is, the autumn of 1924 – in the spring of 1925) The crisis is called "sourcing," as orders amount to only two-thirds of the expected level, even the most needed army. "

summer: harlowbutler (22:57), yes

YSE: football. all good night

The sea: yse (22:57), with regard to boxing parties, as well as all MMI and UFC, the term ** is often used.

The sea: yse (23:00), Ajax-real

harlowbutler: Aragorn (22:59), so I'm talking about that, yes.

Jannbel: This is a census of voters, not such measles

muesli: More than even a Muscovite can say. what is now modern to buy from used cars? I wanted to look, but they are all terribly old, although they cost 50-70 rubles for Avito. And then there are vacancies in Sheremetyevo and tudf must go to masyne. Do you need the ruin that you can now in Moscow from ruin?

The sea: musli (23:15), Nick, the choice is very wide. I now Volga that in the yard often stands, gas-24, in very good condition like Pts. As she does, I know, this is certainly not the Cadillac on the 67th.
Maybe car sharing (registered and sent), you do not have to buy anything. 200-300 r trip. Cheaper than Aeroexpress.

The sea: Ajax vkatil 1 Real

The sea: the robot in the video said there was no goal scored)
Digitization bl.

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