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Barcelona comfortably defeats Alaves –

The Catalans placed an opponent in the second half after winning another win (2-0).

joy of Barcelona players, Getty Images

joy of Barcelona players, Getty Images
April 24, 2019, 00:22

In the 34th round of La Liga, Alavas accepted Barcelona's champion who played an experimental team in the match because Mesi, Alba, Arthur and Langley stayed on the bench. The Catalans were expecting to conquer the games and the territorial advantage immediately after the start whistle and could quickly lead to the score, but Suarez did not use his chance because he could not send the ball past Pacheco in a favorable position. It was expected that Barca would continue to act in a similar fashion and would create very dangerous moments, but in fact everything was limited only by controlling the ball in half of the opponent's field.

After a while, the Basques straightened the game and made some promising attacks but did not hit the goal. The guests also had a lot of ball on the edge of the penalty area, but in the immediate vicinity of the gate they lacked ideas to pass the echeloned defense and missed, of course, Messi, without which the attack of the team does not look so brilliant.

In one of the episodes, Suarez had another chance to overtake by going into the near corner after Kutinho's pass, but Pacheco was back again and turned the ball into a corner. Words could also get closer to the end of the first 45 minutes when Elly hit his head after a free kick, but the defender's shot was not accurate. The teams went on holiday without opening an account, and showed no significant game.

After the game continued, Valverde's defenders moved again to the other half of the field and could score a goal in the first minutes of the game, winning a dangerous free kick, but Suarez failed to throw the ball through the wall. Shortly afterwards Barcelona still opened the points – in 54th minute Roberto defeated Vidal and deposed into the penalty area of ​​Alena, who then hit Pacheco – 0: 1. After 6 minutes, the Catalans doubled the advantage – the main referee awarded a penalty after watching the video, and Suarez realizes the 11th penalty – 0: 2.

Immediately thereafter, Messi appeared on the pitch where almost all of the attacks on the team began, and in one of the many attacks he managed to score the third goal, ending the solo with a shot at goal but Pacheco saved the hosts by moving the ball to post. A little later the Basques also had the chance to score when Khoni caught the ball in the other part of the field and hit directly at the door that had no precision.

Before the end of the game, Barca tried to bring the score to a big one, but did not create any dangerous moments that her rival did not do, so the result remained unchanged until the end of the game. Wards Valverde scored a huge success and scored the next points, another step closer to defending the championship title, and Basques with this form risked falling into the European Cup.

In the 35th round, Alaves will travel to Bilbao to visit Athletic, and Barcelona will take over the Valencian Levante.

Alaves – Barcelona 0: 2
Goals: Alena, 54, Suarez, 60 (from penalty)

Alaves: Pacheco – Vigarai, Navarro, Laguardia, Eli (Tumassi, 71), Duarte – Roland (46), Wakaos, Pina, Honney (Guidetti, 81)

Barcelona: ter Stegen – Semedo (Alba, 70), Pique, Umtiti, Roberto-Vidal, Buscakes, Alena (Arthur, 87) – Demeble (Messi, 61)

warnings: Honi, Navarro, Pina – Kutinho

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