Sunday , May 9 2021

Can you make a dilemma in Ukraine after a military affair: application UEFA

In Ukraine, on Monday, 26th of May, a possible almanac entered the military position. In the afternoon on 29th of January, Ligy Europps, in which the "Vorslake" was welcomed in English, "Arsenal".

Uniformly in UEFA show no cause, чтобы менять что-то в проведени этого матча. The European Football Forum said that the EU has been pushing for a fourth round of talks, adding "how in the case of UEFA, all the necessary safety measures," AP reported.

Read as follows: В Украине могут объявить военное положение: что это значит

The game between "Vorschloe" and "Arsenalom" was solicited as well – in the fourth quarter, 29th. Start at 19:55.

We remind, then attacked the Russian shipbuilding on the Ukrainian shores of the Azov Sea, the President of Ukraine declared the necessary military status. The ego decision supported SNBO meetings. This is the only one in the last few months to vote for the same solutions.

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