Saturday , January 23 2021

Crashes on Mars with Earth: Mars Changes Road Traffic and Threatens Earth: Astronomer predicts global catastrophe in January – January 28, 2019

The red planet has changed the trajectory of motion and speed, which is filled with a collision with the globe.

An independent astronomer from Russian Volgograd
claims that on 31 January Mars could face the globe, reports

Red planet for unknown reasons suddenly
dropped in a smaller orbit, so it can go very close to the globe
cross the moon's orbit, and affect our planet because of the greater gravity
will lead to a disaster for mankind.

The threat is also claimed by an astronomer amateur from Stavropol.
According to him, NASA is carefully silent about the upcoming disaster and not just studying the Red
the planet.

Earlier, the Napfologist Scott Waring found strange objects on the surface of Mars.

They also found a coffin on the Red Planet
funeral of man. Scientists have presented an astonishing theory of origin
of mankind.

Recall that Ilon Musk has boasted "Net"
passenger ship for passenger flights to Mars.

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