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Astrologers say that 2019 will be happy for many people and will bring positive changes in life. The family unions made in the year of the yellow pig are usually strong and happy, writes Know.

Aries looks forward to a year of overcoming. There may be a feeling that we have to say goodbye to loneliness and get married. Even quick and impulsive solutions will be doomed to happiness.

Taurus There is a difficult choice. An indefinable Taurus to change his life and to say goodbye to stability. The lonely Taurus can meet their love.

Gemini will do reckless and impulsive actions that can radically change their lives. Think twice before you decide to marry.

cancer looks forward to a favorable year for family formation. The marriage, concluded in 2019, will be beneficial and successful. Lone cancers will meet their half and quickly begin to build a common life.

lions will face difficult choices. They have to decide what is more important to them – their own freedom or loved ones. A favorable period for marriage in 2019 will be the second half of the year.

Virgo fall into the power of feelings and emotions. Fast impulse solutions for marriage are possible. These alliances promise to be long and harmonious. Listen to your intuition.

weights can expect a wedding in 2019. The main thing – do not dive into the wedding duties and do not forget those around you. Remember that compromises are important in a relationship.

scorpions can say goodbye to their bachelor life. The year is great for creating strong and happy alliances. Great time for conception and for children.

Sagittarius in 2019 it's worth listening more closely to your own intuition. Emotional and impulse provocations are not the best decisions. It is important to carefully consider the pros and cons. The year will surely be fateful.

Capricorns you will be able to plunge into the whirlpool of passion, tenderness and romance. Do not be afraid of impulsive decisions and spontaneous hand and heart judgments. Marriage will be strong, happy and long.

Aquarius in 2019 they will want a large family and many children. Chances are great to meet your fate and even tie the knot.

fish will see in each new friend a potential partner. Relationships that began in 2019 will develop at a rapid pace, which will contribute to the rapid creation of a large and strong family.

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