Thursday , January 21 2021

Drunks, who painted a painting monument of "kind people" in the Crimea, turned out to be inhabitants of Kiev

The drunken man, who today poured over a monument of "kind people" in Simferopol, turned out to be a resident of Kiev. This was announced by the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova, surrendered Interfax,

"A Ukrainian citizen, who lives in Kiev on the night of January 28, pours red paint on a monument in Simferopol, is currently in a temporary detention center in Simferopol, where his terms and conditions of detention are fully respected," the Russian Ombudsman said.

According to her, the detainee has received three meals a day, a bed, has not sought medical assistance. "I have not received any complaints and complaints from him, he does not hide that he is not satisfied with the situation in the Crimea with the situation of the people," Moskalkova said. At the moment, the man is accused of "vandalism," within three days will be chosen as a preventive measure.

Earlier, "State" reported that in Simferopol drunken man has spilled a monument of "kind people" with paint.

We also wrote that in Crimea, the Ukrainian political prisoner Balukh was denied conditional release.

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