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Dynamo. Prediction and Forecast of the League Europe match ᐉ UA-Football

For Dynamo this season of the European Cup all started very ridiculous. The hopeless departure from Ajax in the Champions League qualifier marked the inability of Kiev to be among the cohorts of European top clubs. But that did not end the trouble. The first two matches in the group stage of a less prestigious tournament raise doubts about the competitiveness of the residents of Kiev and at a much lower level. Subsequently, Dinamo in the same group lost to Jablonsa, but the average distance, which was marked by three consecutive wins (two over Rehn, one over Astana) led the team of Hackkevich's playoffs to the top.

Olympiakos was here, winning second place in the group with Betis, Milan and Dujelange. It was with the Italians that the Greeks had a clash for the playoffs, which managed to win only thanks to the best difference they had missed. And despite the fact that in the national championship "Olympiakos" spends a very difficult and responsible period, the team will not get rid of League Europe. Especially now, when sporting anger, after being defeated by PAOK, is overwhelming with Martins' proud hearts.

Olympiakos - Dynamo. Overview and Prediction of League Europe - Picture 1

Greece. Piraeus. "Georgios Karaskakis"
14 February; 19:55
Olympiakos - Dynamo. Overview and Prediction of League Europe - Image 2Field Referee – Craig Pawson (England)Olympiakos - Dynamo. Overview and Prediction of League Europe - Figure 3

Olympiakos (Piraeus, Greece) 19:55 Dinamo (Kiev, Ukraine)


Another motivating factor for Olympiakos could be his relationship with his Ukrainian rivals. Although in the "blue-yellow" opposition, "Oly" has never acted as a frank outsider, the "red-and-white" area has never won the Ukrainians.

In 2015 at this stadium was recorded a draw 2: 2 after the defeat of Olympiakos to Dnieper in Kiev (0: 2). In 2012, the owners of Karasiskakos capitulated to Metalias 1: 2 after a victory in Kharkov 1: 0. In 2006 they played a draw with Shakhtar in the Champions League group and in 1992 they capitulated to Chernomorets (0: 1 ) as part of the Cup of Cup Winners. And while Olympiakos is overwhelming the Ukrainians on their land (Metalist and Chernomoretz), the discontent against the representatives of our country has been exacerbated for a long time.


Complementing the previous story and starting a new one, it is worth mentioning the only match between Olympiakos and Dynamo. This was in the 1/16 finals of the European Champions League 1975/76, when in Greece the rivals broke the world 2: 2 (Dynamo's team took Kolotov to the pair) and in Kiev Lobanovski's team was 1: 0 Onishchenko).

Overall, Ukrainian clubs played eleven matches against Olympiakos: five wins, two losses and four draws. Fourteen goals scored by the Ukrainian teams – and twelve omitted.

Olympiakos - Dynamo. Europa League Overview & Prediction - Image 4


In the winter, teams' orders underwent some changes. "Dynamo," as you know, added Fran Sol and Nikita Kravchenko, and Vladislav Kalitvintsev and Nikolay Morozyuk replied. Olympiakos is no longer reliant on Yaya Toure, Yannis Fethafikidis, Nauel Leiva and Andreas Yaniottis. On the other hand, Georgios Masurash, Gil Dias and Yuri Lodigin joined.

There were fears from the Greek side regarding Kostas Fortunis, who was wounded in a duel with PAOK. However, the leader of the semi-defense "Olympiakos" with the help of the doctors managed to recover and almost certainly plays against "Dynamo". Vasilis Thorosidis also solved the problem that will replace the injured Omar Elabelawi on the right wing of the defense.

That is why the gate will be under José Sa. Leonardo Kouritz will play to the left in defense, the center – Vukovic – Cisse. They rightly expect Torosidis due to the lack of alternatives. A duet of central midfielders will be formed by three of the Natcho-Guilherme-Camara trio. The right wing will be the Portuguese Podense, and the left wing will probably be the new Gil Dias. Above Fortunis will be one of the attackers – Gerrero or Hassan.

Approximate composition "Olympiakos". Sa – Torossidis, Vukovich, Cisse, Kutris – Gilherme, Camara – Diaz, Fortunis, Podensee – Gerrero.

Inside Dynamo, Josip Pivariuc, Mikel Duelung and Artem Besedin suffered. Given these losses, the new Fran Sol will almost certainly appear on the verge of the attack, and on the left wing of the defense – Vitaly Mikollenko. To the right will play Kendzer, in the center, in front of the gate, Boyko – Bourda and Cadar. That is, if the Hungarian still has time to recover normally after injury.

Victor Tsigankov and Benjamin Verbich are winged, and there are several players in the center of the field who claim seats. Che, Shaparenko, Shephelev, Andriyevsky, Bouyalski, Garmash and Sidorchuk, whom Hackkevich tested at the training camp as a central defender. We foresee the emergence of Bouyalsky, Shaparenko and Che Che. The remaining players – as an option to win from the bench.

Approximate composition "Dynamo". Boyko – Kendzer, Kadar, Bourda, Mikkolenko – Bouyalski, Che Che, Shaparenko – Tzugankov, Verbich – Sol.


The advantage of Olympiakos is the local stands and the good physical shape due to the competitive schedule. The advantage of "Dynamo" – the ability to prepare specifically for this battle. Both teams have about the same class, so everything will be decided by the current nuances. We predict the defeat of Dynamo with a chance to win – 1: 2.









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