Tuesday , June 15 2021

EOS King dApps updated the maximum price for 2019

Over the past seven days, EOS cryptography has grown 27 percent, reaching fourth in the CoinMarketCap.

EOS displaced Litecoin from the fourth line of the most capitalized rating of cryptoLights

EOS is now approaching $ 3, which is the same as the end of December 2018:

EOS TradingView Table

Last week analysts at the Weiss rating agency reported that only three decentralized applications (dApps) out of 50 are working on a block-based Ethereum. In this case, 26 out of 50 work in EOS, 21 in TRON.

"EOS is the undisputed king of dApps"

Earlier, ForkLog reported that EOS significantly exceeded Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron in terms of volume of transactions.

It is also recalled that in December last year TRON foundation founder, Justin Sun, announced his desire to save Ethereum and EOS dApps developers from collapsing their platforms.

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