Sunday , November 29 2020

Ethereum's wallets are under threat of hacking. Because they stole 8 million dollars

The offender kills addresses with weak private keys. He managed to steal about 45,000 ETs.

An unknown hacker guesses the vulnerable private keys of Ethereum's wallets, he has already managed to steal the $ 7.8 million cryptoLight. Independent security assessors (ISEs) have found the culprit. Experts explained that it is impossible to do this by simple choice, he uses the method by which he calculates the generated keys in the presence of software or random number generator errors.

According to analysts, large amounts of cryptoLight have been sent to one address from some problematic portfolios. Researchers have sent approximately US $ 1 to ETH on one of the hacked portfolios, as a result of which money was immediately transferred to the attacker. Overall, the offender has managed to abduct nearly 45,000 ETs.

"We found 735 weak keys, he took the money from 12 of those we had access to. He is unlikely to know them by accident, so he probably did the same thing as us. But he stole funds as soon as they went into their wallets, "explains ISE senior analyst Adrian Bednarek.

Early in April, hackers attacked Electrum's wallet. Customers of the service were redirected to compromised versions of software that immediately stolen users' money. Damage is valued at millions of dollars.

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