Tuesday , July 27 2021

Evelina Bledans spoke frankly

Evelina Bledans spoke frankly Celebrity said she lost a child.

The former star of the Mascara show, Evelina Bledns, after trying to become a mother for the third time, said she had lost a child. For this 49-year-old Russian actress she was first told in her Instagram, Chronicle.info reported on RBC-Ukraine.

In a short video, Bledns said, "My good, please do not ask me for pregnancy. I could not have girls, but I have two sons, this is my happiness, my love, I will dance, I will sing because my life continues. "

"Well, the mood of the battle," "Pray for your well-being," "I wish you happiness, but you will have granddaughters," the followers supported Evelyn.

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Keep in mind that Bledans has two sons. The eldest son is Nicholas, he is 24 years old and lives in Israel for more than five years. The younger son, the 6-year-old, suffers from Down syndrome.

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