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On Tuesday, January 22, weather forecasts forecast sunny weather with variable clouds and no precipitation in almost all of Ukraine.

But from the west of the country the cyclone is now approaching: Zakarpattia, the Carpathians and Bukovina will be the first to be affected by it. They forecast snowfall.

At midnight, the temperature drops to -11 °, during the day – to – 6 °. The coldest will be in the eastern regions: to -16 ° night, to -8 ° during the day.

Weather in Ukraine

Weather in Ukraine

On the roads on land. The wind is mostly southeast, 5-10 m / s.

In Kiev, January 22 will be cold and chilly. Despite the cloudiness, rainfall on this day is not expected. During the day, the thermometer will drop to -9 ° C, and will remain at -11-13 ° C at night.

In the resorts of Egypt is still warm, but heat is not expected. In Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada the temperature will not rise above +20 during the day.

According to OBOZREVATEL, according to weather forecasts Natalia Didenko, Ukraine will face a dramatic change in time. This will be on January 23rd. She added that the change of time may affect the health of Ukrainians.

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