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Forex forecast for 01/22/2019 | Investing.com

Forecast for instruments: ,,,,,,,, Bitcoin, Gold, Oil ,,, Sberbank (MCX :), Gazprom (MCX 🙂

In the Russian ruble, the bearish trend stopped at the support level of 66.17. For the Brent oil margin, the mid-term upward adjustment is traded above historical levels of resistance of 61.26 – 61.95 against the backdrop of low volatility – the consolidation is formed.

In terms of the US dollar, the trading session ended with a correlation over the bulk of the dollar. For a long time, the dollar index did not allow buyers to break through the historical resistance level of 95.80, forming false consolidation tests.

According to the xauusd, the downward correction came close to the historical support level of 1280, which translates into an upward trend. According to btcusd, the trade situation remains unchanged, consolidation continues against the backdrop of low volatility above the level of support 3478

Detailed Forex forecast for January 22, 2019, see the video. Sincerely, Artem Gilli is an analyst of technical analysis and author of the Gel Trading project.

warning: Fusion media This is not necessarily in real time. It can be noted that all CFDs (stocks, indices, futures) are subject to commercial purposes. Therefore, it can not occur as a result of the use of this data.

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