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Glory Kaminska showed a picture of his 4-year-old son Leonard

Slava Kaminska (picture:

Fans of the singer note that such moments are particularly valuable.

Glory Kaminska literally impressed its subscribers by publishing a series of photographs taken by her son Leonard. It should be noted that the boy is only 4 years old!

The pop singer "NeAngely" explained that the son asked her to teach him to take pictures. From the first time it turned out not to be very "professional", but funny and, as they say, a memory.

"Mommy will not teach badly, I'm an artist, I see this," he smiled. At the same time, the happy mother was still working together with her son.

Glory Cammin with her son

Glory Kaminska with his son Leonard (photo:

Funny photos taken by Glory's 4-year-old son (photo:

By the way, we remember that before that, Slawa Kaminska had fascinated the web with a moving picture with her husband and her children.

As for the young photographer's work, the fans of the Ukrainian singer were delighted. Some shared their personal experience.

  • "Ahaha)))) we also have a young photographer)) even you have really great pictures;
  • "My too, so before fotkal) But the pictures really cool can work," – writes nyesya.
  • "Mom is what she is. Wonderful photographer, everything is noticed in essence!" – notes tatyancherepovka.
  • "And what? The second and the third are just masterpieces of the photo," notes kris_tinanazari.
  • "I liked the focus on the details," agreed the doctoral.
  • In all the pictures – love! – admirable overwhelming.
  • "The 3 picture is cool, there is something in it," emphasizes rita_chaban.
  • "A real professional, body parts are now in fashion!" – smile oksanagunko55.
  • "Sweets always shoot the most important things and very quickly," says ivchenko.darya.

Son of Glory Kaminsky

Son of Glory Kaminski – Leonard (photo:

We will recall that formerly Slama Kaminska boasted in a stylish way in a hat and a leather vest. The singer visited the Ukrainian Fashion Week, where she also gave a brief interview for Kate Osadcha about the Svitski zittya program.

Also, Slawa Kaminska delighted a spicy picture in lingerie. The 34-year-old singer shows the perfect figure.

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