Tuesday , June 15 2021

Google has released a new remake of "Home Alone": now they have activated the main villain – Curiosities

In the video, Joe Peshi is proud to have hit the search engine.

Google Inc. she shot second video with the heroes of the cult new-year movie "Home Alone". Now starring actor Joe Peshti, who plays one of the two villains in the movie.

In the Google video, the actor, along with his friends, watches on TV the first search ad that Macally Culkin appeared on. Joe Peschi enthusiastically responds to everything that's happening in the video, and ultimately boasts friends that he has a great role to play in this ad. In fact, he says the short phrase "We wash until no one notices us."

The video was published on the internet on Feb. 1 and playfully scans the views. By the evening of February 2, half a million users watched Twitter, 113,000 on Facebook.

Recall in the first 38-year-old child video McCully Kulkin plays scenes from "Home Alone", but with the change in technological progress – it will now be much easier for the hero of the tape to fight the thieves and secure their lives.

videoGoogle Alice's home comic remake woke up the web

Go home again! Macaulay Culkin returns to Kevin's cover of the most popular Christmas movie. Google invited the actor to shoot while advertising their gadgets.

Remake of Christmas Comedy

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