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Grand Prix in 2018/19 figure skating – Tuktamysheva lost, how is that?

In the fourth stage of the Grand Prix series in the "odinochnits" competition, the two previous winners were announced at once. Japanese woman Satoko Miyahara confident of winning the US Grand Prix, and Russian women Elizaveta Tuktamysheva resigned to Skate Canada. On the ice of Hiroshima, the two girls tried to prove that the initial success of the season was not a single wave, but a heavy offer for leadership and at the beginning of the main. Therefore, a full-time duel between Elizabeth and Satoko is expected with special interest – and the skaters don't disappoint.

In short programs, favorites are made without errors. Tuktamysheva showed a pure triple axel and surpassed Miyaharu by almost three points. However, the judge compensates for the difference with Satoko's higher rating for these components than igniting intrigue to anticipate arbitrary leases. Lisa finished the first day of the competition in the status of a leader, but a small difference of 0.09 points is undoubtedly: everything will be decided randomly.

Tuktamysheva needs to issue the purest rental. In Canada, that didn't work, but in Hiroshima there was no choice. Any mistakes give judges the reason for giving priority to local athletes.

Good Masha, but not ours

In the short program, Tuktamysheva scored 76.17 points. So much this season at the Grand Prix has not received one. Overall, the level of competition in Hiroshima is very high. For example, winning a short program in Helsinki Alina Zagitova with an estimated 68.90 in Japan, it will only be sixth. It was clear that for the second day in a row, it would be very difficult for everyone to retreat to the maximum, so that the last protocol could undergo serious changes.

In the first warm-up, the clearest impression on the audience and the judges was made Mariah Bell. The American woman can relax after not rolling over the previous day and truly radiates optimism. The clean jump made the burner numbers even more attractive and helped Maria to stay in the leading position for a long time.

The first from Russia in the free program is Maria Sotskova. Yesterday, Elena Buyanova's ward was wrong and only became the ninth, so it was difficult for her to claim support. The first half of the program turned out to be promising, but the torn cascade and the fall of the triple fold made it lose hope for a high number.

Now everything is serious! Tuktamysheva even in Japan has no equal

Japanese women seem to be assisted by judges. But this doesn't bother Tuktamyshev at all: the triple axel is a formidable weapon against any conspiracy.

Japan swung to a world record

The main events in the struggle for victory, of course, turned to the second warm-up. Korean woman Eun Soo Lim go on ice immediately after a collision with one of the rivals rolling and can't glide cleanly. But that is 15 years old Rika Kihira He appeared perfectly and made his fans cry. Let the special program not be seen, but the most complex elements done at high speed are truly impressive.
Kihira again went for it and this time hit the jackpot. Fantastic triple axel oranges and sheepskin coats, other pure triple axes – and young Japanese people don't believe their own eyes. The scoreboard is an incredible 154.72 points. More with the new rating system only at the Zagitova tournament in Germany. In large competitions, nothing approaches such an assessment. No doubt, Ricka glided almost perfectly, but there was still a feeling that he wouldn't be too much outside of Japan. A total of 224.31 – serious offers to win the stage

Next speaker Alyona Leonova very difficult to drive after the Japanese Kihira phenomenon, but a St. citizen Petersburg is experienced successfully and, if it wasn't for the triple Salchow error, he could not make any claims for himself. In the end, Alena lost to Bell and fell to seventh place. What's more, in the previous stages, he would be the fourth with such an amount.

We are waiting, Lizaveta! Will Tuktamyshev do it again?

In just one month, Lisa became a superstar. Now it should shine brighter. And, of course, show more.

The second is possible. But not the third

Only Tuktamysheva and Miyahara could really push the sensational Kihira from the first place. Lisa did a triple axel not as clean as Rick, but even with a mistake on the road, she received solid points. Other programs are very good. After the last chord, Japan jumped from their seats and held a world ovulation champion. Fans really don't care that this charismatic Russian woman competes with her compatriot. However, in Japan, it feels very skating and knows how to hurt it for real.

Lisa scored 219.02 and lost to Rica more than five points. It is almost impossible to blame the arbitrators for losing Tuktamysheva's points, on the contrary, the Kihira score turned out to be too high. The same thing can be said about Satoko Miyaharu's last rolling. He did his job well, but the benefits for almost all elements showed that he was only drawn to second place. The Russian woman was skipped by 0.45 points.

Tuktamysheva is the third, although skating deserves higher. But the task of the Lisa Grand Prix stage is complete – we will definitely see it in the final of the series. And he will be held in Canada, where Japanese skaters cannot rely on judges.

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