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Horoscopes help us overcome obstacles in our path, attract luck and change our destiny. Astrologers' advice for this week will tell you what strategy to choose in early February.

To depend as little as possible on the mood of planets and stars, you will need to increase your energy and vitality. So you can strengthen your aura and bio-pole by protecting them from negative energy outbursts of space objects. In other words, you will become more independent and you can more easily overcome the challenges of this week.


Fears and complexes can torture Aries for a week. Communication with loved ones and their support will help to cope with them. Sam, it will be very difficult to fight the inner demons, so you do not need to become independent. On Monday, a very positive day is expected and will be marked by important changes in the energy level. On the first day of the week, something very pleasant could happen.

For representatives of this sign, this week will be something like a roller coaster – the mood can jump up and down. Search for reasons in yourself is not worth it, because it will happen involuntarily. The universe will try to make its own adjustments to the life of the people of this Sign but there is no guarantee that they will be strictly positive or negative.


The Taurus can not be left empty. In February a period of energy recession may begin, which will not allow them to move to a higher level in relations, work, and business. You need more time to pay attention, calculations, planning. In case of problems, it is worth fighting with laziness and apathy, but not overloading or overloading the body with work or experience.

Astrologers recommend the representatives of this zodiac sign out of the house more often, as long walks will favor mood and luck. Useful free time, as well as meeting with old friends, moderate shopping. At work it is better to devote yourself to urgent matters and duties. Conflicting people should be avoided.


Gemini must defend their point of view as hard as possible because perhaps someone will try to manipulate them, put pressure on their conscience or regret. Add fuel to the fire extinguishing system, which will prevent the desired. We need to communicate more often with motivating people, as well as those who reproach anyone for nothing. Positive people will help you adjust in the way you want.

Twins must analyze their own mistakes from the past. It should take more time for self-study. This applies not only to work and work, but also to love. There comes a point when you have to be sincere with yourself. From February 4 to February 10 there is no room for self-pity and fear, we have to go forward – let it go slowly but move towards the covenant goal through thorns.


Cancer must avoid envy, anger and resentment, especially against relatives. It is advisable not to be vindictive and to restrict communication with the zodiac signs of the zodiac that can infect with a negative. It is better to focus on positive, homework, personal and personal problems. At work, overloading does not endanger cancer, but if you wish, it will be quite easy for them to solve basic tasks from the 6th to the 8th number, while the planets are as active as possible.

This is a quiet week, but astrologers and experts on the site believe that some omissions may appear in Rakov's mind. This will be expressed in doubt and uncertainty. It is worth recalling that the reason for this is an external negative – you just have to continue to believe in yourself and then everything will happen.


Lions will bring good luck and goodness. The energy of planets can make Lions feel dissatisfied and negative to their relatives and colleagues, but on Monday everything will be sent to Lions in support. This means that on the first day of the week you have to try to solve all the main problems at home and at work. In love, it will also succeed if you learn generosity and be more flexible.

To relieve stress and anxiety, Leo can use special meditation. It would be even better if you just try to avoid people and things that are annoying. You can be alone with yourself, trying to do your homework, resting from the noise and vanity, or, conversely, changing the situation. Astrologers say that shopping, changing the image, updating the wardrobe, short trips will be helpful.


Probably the virgins will have to meet different tasks and it will naturally lead them to fatigue. Effective meditation and the right response to irritating factors will help you cope with this. It is advisable not to interfere with unpleasant people and not to argue with them, not to try to bend your line. Complex cases that are not marked by urgency should be postponed. Creating something new and ambitious is also not necessary.

It is a good idea to focus on the duties and the business. In difficult situations to solve all problems will help the sixth sense. Intuition can not be dismissed in such a difficult period: it can save the Devil from fiasco in love and work. This week, it's best not to give anyone blank promises. The treatment of illnesses will be clear planning in view of your own interests.


Weights will have to face dilemmas and confusions of love. In business and business, on the contrary, there will be complete order and tranquility. The most important thing is to have ambitions with you. Before important questions, it is better to use a whisper for luck because the universe will not give Libra proper attention to Fortune.

The week will be responsible and important, so you need proper prioritization. Do not transfer responsibility to the shoulders of others. Even if the others say they want to help, it is better to rely on everything for themselves, without losing sight of the details, paying attention to the little things. Sustainability and coolness are the two main elements of the success of the representatives of this Zodiac sign.


Unforeseen difficulties are anticipated that will prevent the achievement of prosperity as soon as possible. This will be a tough week that will teach the representatives of this Zodiac a lot. To improve efficiency in work and affairs, you need to avoid communicating with negative people. If you fail to protect yourself from them, you must use three reliable ways to protect against the negative ones.

In addition to the external factors, there will also be internal – personal experiences and the uncertainty of the Scorpions. You can only deal with them by giving yourself a positive attitude. We have to think about sleep, how far it was covered and covered to achieve what already exists. Do not be afraid to move forward, because this is the only way to prevent the doubts from overcoming.


A strong lucky conspiracy will help the Sagittarius dive into the business and forget about the problems. You can devote one week to loving adventures. Useful will be fleeting novels, flirting, new acquaintances. The main thing is not to doubt its attractiveness, because the universe will greatly increase the charisma of the representatives of this sign.

Work problems are possible in the early days of this week. They should be treated more easily because they will not be fatal. Everything is in the hands of Streltsov – the universe will enable decision-making alone. People in this sign can face difficult choices in their personal lives and deeds, so it is worthwhile preparing for this in advance. In incomprehensible situations, you can listen to intuition.


Negative viral programs threaten to block the path to success, and Capricorns will have to change their attitude to many things, people, and events to overcome uncertainty and get rid of doubts. They will be disturbed by constant mood swings and a kaleidoscope of bad thoughts. The panacea for such a condition would be to follow the principles of your own life. You do not need to listen to people in everything, it's worth analyzing their words and judgments.

The week will be marked by a serious energy jump that will require the Capricorn to engage fully in all the most important issues directly related to their lives. In some situations, representatives of this Sign will need determination and ambition, and in others, extreme modesty. Intuition helps to understand what tactics it is.


Becoming a Better Aquarius will help you to work on yourself. Astrologers note that the increased positive energy of the stars and planets will help the people of this sign to do something important. Some problems will be solved by themselves, without the help of Aquarius. The universe is on their side, so luck will be there all seven days. Planets will want to see modesty, responsiveness and the ability to share their benefits, wrote dailyhoro.

Generosity is the main advantage of every person in the first half of February. The more Aquarius will be able to help colleagues, friends and relatives, the more respect they will receive. Do not ignore requests for help coming from those who are desperate and need support.


On Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays, planets can contribute to activating negative Pisces. The influence of space on the minds of these people will release their greatest fears and they are completely unfounded. To deal with them, you have to remember that positive and constructive actions will be a source of luck this week. 6, 7, and 8 February should do good for relatives and for all who can not deal with the problems themselves.

There may be a feeling that the events that are now happening have already happened before. This intuition will play with Pisces, forcing them to think about the correctness of their actions. Facing such a déjàvue, you have to listen more often to the sixth sense, and also to choose not the easiest way, but the most secure one. Risks and adventures will not lead to good.

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