Thursday , June 17 2021

"How do you think, Ilon Musk?" – the Ukrainians forced Tesla's head to answer the Russian question (PHOTO)

The comical question, "How do you feel about it, Ilon Musk?" It often sounds on the Internet, usually accompanying the testimony of the famous Slavic breakdown or pictures of the Ukrainian desolation.

And now the staff of the Ukrainian Pravda edition got the answer for the first time.

They published a photo of the Tesla electric car in the Ukrainian village of Mars, Chernigov, on Twitter's social network. As Tesla Ilona's boss remarked in the message, they translated the famous English question.

Mask responded briefly: "Wow cool (" Wow, cool ").

As reported by the "Russian Spring" in 2018 Musk wanted to buy the domainHe was, however, busy with the "Ukrainian Truth". At first, Musk thought it was a Russian edition, but later learned he was wrong.

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