Thursday , June 17 2021

I sold all my battles at the very top for $ 20,000 |

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said during his speech on Jan. 24 at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm that he had sold all his $ 20,000 savings in December 2017.

Speaking at the Scandinavian business forum in Stockholm, Wozniak said he had bought $ 700 for the first time because he "wanted to experiment with him." How many battles he bought, Zniac has not specified.

"I wanted to travel around the world using only Bitcoin in restaurants and hotels."

However, when Battlecock reached its $ 20,000 peak, Wozniak sold all of its savings to BTC. He said:

"When Bitcoin shoots up, I realized I did not want to be one of those people who just watched the numbers on the screen so I sold everything."

Wozniak also said the purpose of his investment in Bitcoin was never the money. The favorable closing of his battlefield position for Wozniak was just a happy coincidence.

Note that in 2018 Wozniak assumed that the block was a "bubble" reminiscent of the dot-co-era, but in his view this technology could still have potential in the future. Bitcoin Wozniak called "a great phenomenon."

Also remember that in October Steve Wozniak joined the open-end Blockchain Fund EQUI Global as a co-founder. EQUI Global combines traditional investment principles and the potential of blockchain, certifying investor shares, using EquiToken's own sign.

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