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Ilya Kvash was solemnly sent to a "sports pension"

The famous Ukrainian jump in the water decided to put an end to his career.

A press conference on a steady Ukrainian leap in the water of Ilya Kvasha, who announced the end of her sports career, was held in Kiev.

What is pleasant and unusual for the Ukrainian sport is that the press conference was attended by the Minister of Youth and Sports Igor Zhdanov, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Sergei Bubka and the Chairman of the Water Jumping Federation Igor Lissov who talked about the importance of Ilya Kvasha for the Ukrainian sport.

"It is very difficult to make such decisions, but unfortunately life dictates our own rules. By accident, I must put an end to my sports career. Believe me, I would like to continue to praise Ukraine, my federation on the international arena. All the strengths and emotions were focused on the Tokyo games, but that was the situation, so I have to announce that I'm completing my sporting career.

You know, these were more than 20 bright years of my life. And this way I supported the closest and most expensive people – my coach Tatiana Marianko, the federation presented by Igor Lissov, NOC, together with Sergey Nazarovič Bubka, with whom we passed three Olympiads, the ministry.

Even though I'm completing my career, but the sport will stay in my life. Now, in particular, I am already starting out as a mentor working with amateurs. We run an amateur league. We are expanding our horizons to bring our sport to the masses. For more people know about sports. I will try to continue to make every effort in favor of the Ukrainian sport ", – said Ilya Kvasha at a press conference.

With words of support and wishes for success, Sergei Bubka turned to:

"For every athlete, completing a career is a challenge, because you have to start everything from scratch, to realize yourself in a new field, I remember when I made this choice myself – it was very difficult, there were many thoughts, doubts. and openness, striving for continuous development, I am confident that you, Ilya, will succeed in a new role, "Sergei Nazarovič said, giving the athlete a memorial" For loyalty to Olympism "by the Olympic family of Ukraine.

"I am very grateful to Ilya for his contribution to the development and promotion of diving in Ukraine. I respect him very much. I really wanted to participate in his further fate and I am very glad that he stayed in our sport. he gives experience to others, "said Federation President Igor Lissov, who himself was not empty-handed on that day – the Minister of Youth and Sports Igor Zhdanov handed him the state order for the merit of the first degree.

Vitaly Volodko,

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