Sunday , August 1 2021

In a new photo shoot, fans compare Alina Grosu with the doll

Photo: Alina Grosu (

The singer asked fans about his new appearance.

The famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who was rummaging through pictures on Halloween, shared with fans the live images of her new photo shoot. The artist posted a picture on his Instagram page.

Alina poses to those with a background of orange background with a loose white dress with purple feathers on the edges. The player is equipped with a white stiletto heel.

In some photos, the girl opened her sexy lips.

Photo: Alina Grosu (

"And how do you find bright, yet soft images that bring us back to the hottest time of the year?) Alina is raspberry. Am I dressed enough here for you? – write Grosu below the picture.

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The customer's opinion about this picture Alina is divided – some note that Grosso is very beautiful in this picture, others say that the singer is like a doll.

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We will remind you, before Alina Grosu was excited about bright photos.

Alina Grosso also revealed the reason for leaving Leps.

By the way, Alina Grosu tells about novels with married football players and plastic surgery.

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