Sunday , June 13 2021

in anticipation of large redundancies, Blizzard employees "cry and embrace" – News – Gambling

Over the weekend, we reported that, according to Western media, Activation storm intends to sack hundreds of employees to focus on maximizing profits by trying to reduce the cost of non-profitable units.

Above all, within the framework of the reduction, offices should suffer blizzardResponsible for publishing and electronic sports. And although the redundancies must happen today, who will be affected – not reported yet.

Many Blizzard employees have been uncertain since November, worrying about their future in the corporation.

for according to of the editor Kotaku Jason Schreier, pending the Activision Blizzard financial report, which will begin on February 13th around 1:00 pm in Moscow, Blizzard employees "hug and cry" in the parking lot in the office.

Formally, the redundancies are not yet spoken, but people in the publishing and cyber-sports division are expecting mass layoffs.

Jason Shrider

Schreier is unhappy with the way the corporation has left its employees unaware of future layoffs, despite the many rumors that have circulated across the network for several months.

Blizzard rumors and consolidation rumors appeared at least in November. To justify the company's silence on this issue is very difficult. In the future, the emergence of trade unions may avoid this situation.

Jason Shrider

Activision Blizzard shares have recently declined actively, especially since reports have been announced that the company plans to cut back on some divisions in the corporation without informing its employees about it.

For the year, the price has fallen by almost half

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