Thursday , June 17 2021

In Carpathaus, he found out about the Germans

In Carpathaus, he found out about the Germans

In Carpathah, he participated in cases of salvation

Ithorianca arrived in the region of the valleys of the Urda Раховского района. I do not need medical aid.

In Carpathaus, the rescuers came to mislead German citizens. Об этом сообщает пресс-служба ГосЧС Закарпатской области.

Так, сообщается, что лыжника в 18:13 в районе долины Урда в направленини villages Косовская Поляна Раховского района.

"Состояние его здоровья appreciate how satisfying, in aid you do not need it", – have removed rescuers.

How do somoblast, a tourist in Germani proppled in Carpathah in the region of the Dragobrat. Savior on this toll. In the jetty, 23 yards, so in Carpathian snow two meters of snow. In the villages of Ivano-Frankivsk, the areas in which the snow has been covered are two kilometers long, and in the countryside there are more than one indicator.

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