Friday , July 30 2021

In San Francisco "taught to fly" DeLorean

In San Francisco Automatic able to overcome land, ice, snow, sand and even water.

The network was prepared to sell a unique $ 45,000 DeLorean "fly", reported quoting Avtodream.

DeLorean air cushion is made by hand, while the car perfectly performs its function. Despite the fact that the model maintains its original appearance, the body is made of expanded polystyrene, which is characterized by durability and low weight.

The floating DeLorean drives Briggs & Stratton Vanguard motors with a return of 23 "horses" and 36-inch fans, as well as Briggs & Stratton 875 Professional machines with 24-inch fans for pillows.

Despite the fact that the maximum speed of the model is 50 km / h, this car is able to overcome land, ice, snow, sand and even water.

At present, "flying" DeLorean is in San Francisco.

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The owner will first allow the buyer to evaluate the model in a test drive and teach how to drive, as well as provide free advice about every question about the unique use of the car.

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