Monday , August 2 2021

insulting Olga Buzova decides to take revenge on Xenia Sobchak :: Shaw Business ::

The guy was taken off by his old friend at Instagram after the show was released
– Watch out, Sobchak! with their participation. Olga Bouzova was dissatisfied with this
how Xenia Sobchak mounts the program.

On the show, the singer reacted violently
on your Instagram page. In a candid interview published on YouTube, Olga
Buzova said about
for career ambitions, failures, they made a tour of their apartment as well
admitted that many men were in her bedroom after divorcing a footballer
Dmitry Tarasov.

If Xenia Sobchak
I was pleased with the work done, the heroine of the question expressed her dissatisfaction
final installation. "Ksusha … Ksusha, time ticks, but it does not change.
Convince me to talk for a long time … I waited, I waited for my promise
"female conversation," but it turned out … see for yourself what happened in the
my story ", – wrote a star.

At the same time, Olga Bouzova noted
that she still loves Xenia Sobchak, whom she has known for 15 years, "and many
what we have experienced "together". I will remember this conversation forever! I said about myself
a secret, what she was even afraid of confessing! What happened
See the new edition of "Attention Sobchak!" on her channel, "added the celebrity.

In addition, offended by the fact
that much of what was said behind the scenes, Olga Bouzova decided to avenge
hiilefa. "Xenia Anatolyevna cut off many of her discoveries, but I know, Xuzhou, when I interview you, I will remember everything," she writes

Xenia Sobchak replied
post Olga Buzovoy. "By the way, I'm always welcome," she said, and I think, too
that the conversation turned out. Carefully keep all 15 hours when you get
national artist – I will publish all 15 hours, otherwise we will die the viewer. thanks
an interesting meeting !!! "- Sobchak replied to his former colleague at" House-2 ".

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