Friday , July 30 2021

Lawyer Mamaev confirms transfer of monetary compensation to the battle driver :: Society :: RBC

Lawyer Igor Bushmanov, representing the interests of Krasnodar's football player Pavel Mameev, confirmed the information that his client had transferred the driver to the First channel Vitaliy Solovchuk with money to pay for it. This human rights activist said Tas.

"Yes, the information is correct." Measures were taken to make material damages to Vitali Solovchuk, "he said.

At the same time, Bushmanov did not indicate the amount that the athlete paid to the driver as a compensation for the damage caused.

Attorney Kokorin refused to pay compensation to the bully

Earlier, TASS, quoting a source close to the investigation, said that Mamaev and another person involved in the case, St. Petersburg-based Zenit football player Alexander Kokorin transferred money to Solovchuk. "The money was sent to the victim of a specially opened account for him, which could be presented to court as mitigating circumstances," the source of the agency said

In turn, lawyer Kokorina Tatiana Stvallova denied RBC information about the transfer of money to Solovchuk.

Poll Olga Ushakova, whose driver Solovchuk is working, told RBC that he has evidence that there are no monetary compensation arrangements. "Perhaps the other side is taking measures unilaterally – I can not answer them," she said, adding that the driver had not received any money from the players.

Lawyers will challenge the investigator for Kokorin's insult

Alexander Kokorin and his brother Cyril, as well as Pavel Mumeyev and the football player of the amateur league Alexander Protasovic, were arrested for a quarrel at a cafe in the center of Moscow, which was held on October 8th. They fought with a representative of the Department of Industry and Commerce Denis Pak and the head of NAMI Sergei Geysin. He also got a head trauma and lost a tooth. Before the events in the cafe, Kokorin and Mamaev with friends attacked Vitali Solovcuk because he called them loops. The driver is hospitalized with traumatic brain injury and nose breakage.

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