Thursday , December 3 2020

Lorac flirted with fans: "tough choices." Politeka

Ani Lorak decided to call on his fans to talk or just miss the compliments

The Ukrainian singer, who changed Kiev in Moscow, actively leads her page in the social network Instagram.

The actress actively shares his favorite photos with subscribers and receives many compliments. Obviously, the singer is bored or just has decided to talk to her fans, or maybe she just wanted to read again about herself, how beautiful and talented she is, so she asked a question on the social network.


"1 or 2" – a coin-signed photo star.

She also attached two pictures. In black polo, he is sitting in the car. In one picture she looks seriously in the lens and in the other she smiles widely.

The fans were actively involved in the game and immediately began to offer their own versions of a better picture. Some immediately rushed to confess their idol in love and fill compliments.

"Both your smile made me crazy but my eyes like a mole, with a look at the heart and the defeat", "I like the first one more", "Sunny", "Hard choice, Both", "Of course they're both beautiful … Always smile, "" I miss you very much, "" You are beautiful in both photos Smile more often We love you, You are beautiful everywhere, Your smile is incredible "," Beautiful and so beautiful, sunny, "fans wrote in delight.

As already reported, Carolina shocks fans with her huge footwear. The singer talks about how to prepare for the tour. At the same time, Ani Loren decided to show his fans how to prepare the preparation and share the pictures of their Instagram.

"It's always hard to pack your luggage. We must foretell everything and forget nothing, "writes the singer.

She accompanied her mail with a picture on which she sat in front of a huge wardrobe with shoes.

The subscribers of the singer shocked the scale of Lorac's collection. Many of them thought it was too much, and advised the singer to get rid of the excess shoes. Some even jokingly suggest that Lorac was shot in a shoe store.

Remember, Annie Lorrach has changed to unrecognizable after the divorce: "She has become a rocker," a picture.

As reported by Politeka, Ani Lorak has long concealed an illegal son: the net is boiling.

Politeka also writes that Ani Laura surprised her with a rounded stomach: "In the fourth month."

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