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«Lyon» – «Manchester City». Predictions and Matches of Ligi Champion. 27 November 2018

Tuesday Tuesday, 27 November, at 23:00 (msk) at the Olympic Lionne Park stadium sister stadium 5th round tournament Ligi čpionov 2018/19 «Lyon» – «Manchester City». In the Peruvian Matt Fransse, he did not have to go to the "Goatz" (2: 1) of "Etihad", co-op Hossepa Gavridiolli rascjutsvaet raskvitat with "tkachami" in reply. Подтвердиться уверенность букмекеров?


Command Bruno Genezio (2: 1), "Lion", "The City", "The City of Manchester". It does not change the impression with the "аристократы" and in the sequel to the Matches Tournament. In the second round, the French home team defeated the home in a match with Donetsk's "Shaherom" (2: 2), the two-time tournament with two Hoffenheimer trills. It is worth mentioning that in the turn (3: 3 and 2: 2) I started with "Derevenskim" lyons, but they have won the last minute.

By the end of the fourth round in the "Liona" six (B1 + H3), a victory in the match with "Goranamani" guaranteed "aristokratam" выход в следующий раунд LK-2018/19. Nothing or defeat may be a long way to the last round of the French, but the French are expected to come to Kharkov on a split with Donetsk «Shahetero». Remedy, hto in Ligue Champion the Bruno Genezio command did not produce (B2 + H5) on Oct. 2016.

Under question – Amen Joyri, Leo Dubuah, Nabil Fekir.

Manchester City

A line in a perimeter round circle LA-2018/19 no one did not act on the commando Josefa Guardioli. From the "Lyon" (1: 2) of the "Etihad", the victims took part in the "Manchester City" second round of "Hoffenheim" (2: 1), who had gone under the barracks. In the third and fourth round of the tournament, the "sky-highs" tournament took place in the wars of the Ukrainian Championship devet (3: 0 on the home and 6: 0 home).

Ithak, in principle, in Lionne, Manchester City, has long been in the status of the leader (Q3-P1) quartet. For the guaranteed classes in the quotient «F» подопечным Хосепа Гвардиолы you need to be in the playground of the English speaking country quite frankly. Primićtënno, ëi then proigr'shiya 'tkacham' in permum turo 'gorjane' did not play in the 13th (B12 + H1) official game.

Не сыграют – Claudio Bravo, Benjamin Mendi, Kevin De Borgine, Eljaqi Mangalla.

Ориентировочные составы на матч «Lyon» – «Manchester City», 27 November 2018 yesterday

«Lyon»: Lopez – Mendy, Denier, Marcello, Tete – Nodbele, Tusart – Awar, Depay, Traore – Dembele.

Manchester City: Эдерсон – Делф, Ляпорт, Стоунс, Уолкер – Д. Силва, Фернандиньо, Гюндоган – Стерлинг, Агуэро, Марез.

Predictions of Matches "Lyon" – "Manchester City", 27 November 2018

Matches in group «F» give the best score, more for the game comrades-participants quartet for group tournament Leagues Champions do not dangle. Это, пожалуй, главная отличительная особенность данной «веселой компании». When it comes to the Lione Matter, the bookmakers do not see a reason, in which the "goran" over the "aristocrats" can not be sown, "Manchester City" is written in the lines.

Мало кто сомневается, что команда Хосепа Гвардиолы будет контролировать игру, the "go-to-go" to the automatism, but allow it to be suboptimal Bruno Genézio out of the world or with the English in football, unreal.

Total Matches Mens (3.5) – Catch 1.92.

Lyon, 27 November 2018. Stadium: «Olympic Park Lyonne». Home Matches at 23:00 (msk).

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