Tuesday , June 15 2021

Manchester United defeated Arsenal and reached the 1/8 Finals FA Cup

The match of the 4th round (or 1/16 final) of the FA Cup between Arsenal and Manchester United was tense and dramatic. The first half was dictated by the hosts, but Sir Alex scored two goals from the first two shots in the goal (which only divided 149 seconds into a game!).

First, Lukaku started in Sanchez Penalty, he beat Cech and fired through the empty net. And then the "gunners" lost the ball, the guests organized a counterattack, the same Lukau gave to Linggard, and Jesse managed to break the ball and broke it in the corner – 0: 2! At the expense of Arsenal, it has to be said that the team did not give up and continues to attack. And the curtain halved one ball – Obameyang closed the Lacazette camera.

The second half of the game was dictated by the hosts (after the match they held the ball 62% of the time and scored 13 balls against 8 against rivals). But another Manchester United attack ended with Chech's rescue after a Pugba blow and a 1-0 strike on the empty net – 1: 3 at 82 minutes. Because of an injury, Koseleny (he received his fifth on Lukaku's bosom and the doctors could not stop bleeding for a long time), the arbiter compensated in 10 minutes, but the "gunmen" could not create anything at the door during that time. Manchester United with Sulscher won the 8th consecutive win (in all tournaments) and reached the 1/8 finals of the FA Cup.

Now the teams go to the national championship. Both are facing homecoming on the 29th round of the nuclear submarine, which will be on Tuesday. Arsenal gets Cardiff City and Manchester United gets Burnley.

FA Cup 1/16 Finals

Arsenal – Manchester United – 1: 3

Pierre-Americas Obameyang (43) – Alexis Sanchez (31), Jesse Linggard (33), Anthony Martial (82).

"Arsenal": Petar Cech, Zadey Kolasinak, Sokratis Papastatopoulos (Shkodra Mustafi, 21), Laurent Kesselny (Matteo Gjendusi, 64), Einsley Maitland-Nils, Lucas Torreira, Aaron Ramsey, Obameyang, Alexander Lukaset.

Manchester United: Sergio Romero, Ashley Young, Luke Shaw, Erik Bey, Victor Lindelof, Nemanja Matic, Ander Erera, Paul Pigba, Jesse Linggard (Phil Jones, 88), Rommel Lukaku (Marcus Rushford, 72), Alexis Sanchez ,

Laurent Koselni (54), Zad Kolasinac (86), Matteo Guenduzi (90 + 1) – Ashley Young (68), Jesse Lingard (76), Markus Rushford (86).

stadium Emirates (London, England).

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