Sunday , June 20 2021

Media: Footballer Shevchenko takes part in the development of Abramovich's "golden" business

The world-renowned Ukrainian footballer and coach of the Ukrainian national football team, Andrei Shevchenko, is involved in the development of the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich's "Golden Empire". This is stated in the investigation DW,

According to the publication, the company, which owns Highland Gold Mining Limited Abramovich, produces tons of noble metal in the mines of Chukotka. The British Companies Register shows that London's brokerage firm, MC Sheathenko, owned by Shevchenko, is empowered to attract investors to Highland Gold Mining Limited.

Abramovich, together with his friends and former classmates Evgeni Schwidler and Valerie Oeffe, runs this holding, which brings together 9 mines in the Far East of the Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan. In recent years, Highland Gold Mining has increased 1.5 times, and capitalization has reached more than $ 600 million.

However, DW notes that MC Peat is not an ordinary contract agent, but a company created with the participation of business owners that it encourages. The same classmate and partner of Ambramovich Schwiedler in 2012 became a partner of LLP, a limited liability partnership under British law. MC Peat began to represent the interests of Highland Gold Mining and received a loan of about $ 4 million from the beneficiaries. The funds were received on a broker account from Horizon Investments AVV registered in the Caribbean.

Beneficiaries of an offshore company can be both Schiedler and Abramovich himself. According to the documents published in the British media, a helicopter assigned to Abramovich's yacht was registered with Horizon Investments AVV. As it is known, in 2006 the oligarch presented his legendary ship, called Grand Blaue, to a friend of Schwiedler.

It is also reported that later Abramovich Oif's partner joined the management of MC Peat, and since 2014, long-time top manager of the holding Highland Gold Mining, Andrei Osipov became a member of the brokerage firm. At the end of 2015, the company MC Peat & Co. LLP joined the soccer player Shevchenko.

DW writes that MC Peat & Co. LLP is a guarantee for Abramovich to invest in London in his "Golden Empire". The company is run by the son of British crown treasurer Sir Michael Pit Charles. Obviously, MC Peat means Michael and Charles Peat ("Michael and Charles Torus"). In addition, the royal treasurer entered the supervisory board of the industrial group Evzar Abramovich and Schwidler before the establishment of a brokerage company. According to British publications, Pete's senior services cost 250,000 pounds a year for Russian oligarchs.

It is noted that Ukrainian journalists have repeatedly asked Shevchenko to tell about his business, but he avoided the answers. DW believes that the participation of the Ukrainian footballer in the development of the "Golden Empire" is related to his friendship with Abramovich from the time Shevchenko plays for Chelsea.

Recall that in May last year, Roman Abramovich was not admitted to the UK for the England Cup final he fought for, especially his Chelsea football club. It turned out that the oligarch did not manage to attend the game due to the lack of a British visa.

Later in the British media there was information that the British authorities would ask Abramovich to reveal the source of his enormous state before his visa was extended.

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