Thursday , January 28 2021

Megan Mark admitted that she was exiled at school

The web found an old post, Megan Marchell, in which the future Duchess frankly said about the difficult school years.

After Megan Mark became Prince Harry's wife, she had to give up social networks. The duchess has dropped Instagram and Twitter, and is also saying goodbye to the other blogs that led to the relationship with Harry. However, journalists still find Megan's old records on the web. For example, Mark's trance was recently published on the internet, in which she frankly said her school years were a real hell to her. She was an exile because none of her peers wanted to communicate with her. And the reason for everything is the color of her skin.

"In adolescence I felt even worse than 20 years – at that time I was trying to get into society and prove that I really mean something. behind the juncture of the two races, I've always felt somewhere in the middle, "Megan said frankly.

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By the way, over time all the complexes that Megan managed to overcome and are now very angry when photographers intentionally alleviate their skin color or photo.

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