Thursday , June 17 2021

"My Princess": Anastasia Volochkova boasts a beautiful photo with her daughter

Scandalous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who shook the followers of Instagram with her candid photos, showed her adult daughter, reported For the first time, for a long time, Anastasia published a photo on her network not of her twine or of a new lover, but she boasted a joint picture with Ariananda. Note that in the new post Prima ballerina appears in a gentle blue dress with beautiful style and makeup.

Her daughter for the photo session chose a yellow colorful dress while she was lifting her hair. "My Princess," – slightly signed the picture Volochkova. For 14 hours the post managed to win more than 23,000 likes. It is worth noting that the celebrity has hidden comments about the publication. Ultimately, it's no secret to everyone that its subscribers like to leave angry reviews under her posts. Earlier, fans often stumbled upon Anastasia for its violent behavior and inappropriate photos, and were very worried about the fate of her daughter. Many wrote that it was not normal that the little girl had seen the strange behavior of her own mother.

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