Sunday , June 13 2021

Navigate to the expanded reality that will soon arrive in Google Maps

A small number of Google Maps users have an AR navigation option. The real-time smartphone display shows the arrows to help navigate the difficult terrain, writes Engadget with a reference to the Wall Street Journal.

Maps use GPS and Wi-Fi networks to determine the location of the user. To determine more precisely the direction in which it moves, where the smartphone directs, how it looks and how far this object is removed, the application scans the area through the device's camera in search of familiar markers and characters. Next, huge 3D-arrows are superimposed on the smartphone's display, giving very clear indications of the direction in which to rotate.

If the app is in AR mode for too long, Maps will prompt the user to distract and lower the smartphone for a while, and the screen will become darker. This is done not only for security reasons – so people do not face each other when using AR and also to save battery life.

Google now tests the option before letting it out to a wider audience.


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