Sunday , June 13 2021

Nearly half of Whiskey species may disappear in Ukraine

In Ukraine, from July 1, 2019, much of the foreign whiskey may disappear from store windows. This is due to changes in the Tax Code in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages. This is reported by the European Business Association.

According to the organization, the sale ban may cover more than 1 thousand types of imported whiskey, which is 45% of the current range. The new edition of the Tax Code states that whiskey is an alcoholic drink with a strength of 35 to 45% of the volume of flavored units manufactured by the technology of cognac from oak-charred oak barrels inside (charcoal oak rivets). Meanwhile, according to European Union standards, in Europe only the minimum concentration limit of alcohol in volume percent is set at 40% – without the upper limit. There is also no word on cognac technology because whiskey is produced by distilling the wort.

Thus, international producers are able to produce whiskey with an alcohol content of over 45%, which is proposed to be banned in Ukraine. According to EBA, for example, last year alone imported 68,995,000 liters of whiskey with an alcohol content of over 45%, which is 170.96 million cash in cash.

Recall, it became known how the Ukrainians want to rename rakia.

We also say that the change of names of cognac and champagne in Ukraine will happen in accordance with the requirements of France due to the fact that the conditions come from its geographical names – Champagne province and the city of Cognac.

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