Monday , March 8 2021

One shareholder remains in the Svitoch factories

Konditerskaya Corporation Nestle (Switzerland) has announced that it has been forced to pay PAO "Львовская кондитерская фабрика" Свиточ "" (Львов). Information on Factors in the System Information System National Centers for the Value Added and Stocks.

Seikas Nestle has 96.96% shareholding. Data proposal in view of the beggining of the acquis communautaire of the Ukrainian legislation, which regulates the dealership of the public.

So far, the stock market share has been determined by a sub-sectoral valuation – ООО БДО Консалтинг – 3934 hryvnia za odnu prostúю інную акцию.

Nestlе belonged to 96.96% share factories "Svitoc" – one of them grew up in Ukrainian manufacturer of consumer products. Group Nestlé company in Ukraine, such as Nestle Ukraine, CHO "Волыньхолдинг" (Торчин), ООО "Техноком" (ТМ "Мивина").

"Svitoc" in 2017 yuan grew to 1.2% – to 2 billion 300.6 million UAH, while the ego cleaned up almost 2.2 times – to 109.08 million UAH.

The company, in the past year, increased its sales of 21.3% to 464.67 million, chocolate to 7.2%, to 620.99 million, but socrates sold coffee to 7.4% to 1 billion 214.58 million UAH.

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