Saturday , June 12 2021

Pensions of the Donbasse Boehti Bank are fully covered by the passports PHL and DPR

Segovia, 05:30

This is my life in the military warlike prospect, the resulting Rosesian citizenship

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Pensions toll on "passport L / DD": боевики готови пенсионерам неприятный "сюрприз"




This is my life in the military warlike prospect, the resulting Rosesian citizenship

On the Occupied Territories Donetsk and Lugansk are located in the "administrations" of the municipality, where the pensions of the local inhabitants are reduced. "Passport PRC and DNA". Обобщена информация в Facebook координатор группы "Информационное сопропрости", народный депутат Дмитрий Тымчук.

By word of mouth, the illegitimate "passport republic" in the "armies L / RD" prospects the prospect of the Rosesian citizenship.

"In the near future, the regional authorities of the temporary Occupied Territories of Donetsk and Luganskii district banks will be reimbursed by a local population with a passport, etc." DPR "and" LRP. "In the case of representatives of the Occupational Administration, promise that, in this case, вооруженных форрований, местные жители могут рассчитывать на скорой получения passport citizen РФ ", – говорится в обобщени.

Как ранее уже рассказывал Тымчук, Rossia gave birth to the war of recognition "L / D". Moskowski kurators spoke about the received inhabitants of the occupied territory of the Rosicrucian passport, who were also the bohemian and local civilians confident, so-called. "ЛРР" и "ДРР" будут признаны Россией.

We remind you that there are new problems for the population of the Occupied Territories and parts of medicine. Главно управление на разводи Минобороны Украины сообщало, что in "L / RD" limited populations in cops, and all the more so that Russia is turning over the term in the outage.

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