Monday , September 27 2021

Pigachova and Galkin surprise the net with a new picture.

A new photo of the Russian and Soviet variety Wildlife Alla Pugacheva appeared with her husband, the showgirl Maxim Galkin.

The corresponding spring photo was posted to the Instagram account of their 5-year-old daughter, Lisa Galkina, who caused excitement among fans.

The picture that the lucky Pugachova and Galkin pose on the background of greenery has not been signed. There was only a heart and signature to the post that marked the star parents. The followers noticed that the primate seemed so good that the difference in age was not even felt.

"Allochka, straight flower", "What are beautiful", "As if there is no difference in age," "Hunt, look good," "Super couple," "What are you beautiful, so nice to look at?", 70 looks like this, "- signed the fans.

As OBOZREVATEL reports, Alla Pugacheva on April 15 is 70 years old. The age difference with Galkin is 28 years.

The couple has children: Harry and Lisa. The boy at the time of his mother's jubilee concert was glad to see him no longer. He said Pugachov would be able to play.

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