Tuesday , June 15 2021

Police officer Melnikov left the detention center on bail and told his version of the fight against C14

Police officer Vasily Melnikov, a suspect in a C14 member's battle in the area of ​​the Podolsk district administration in Kiev, left SISO and said he did not intend to kill the policeman. He said this in a comment posted on the Facebook page of presidential candidate Ilya Kiva.

Melnikov told the video that since 2006 he has been working in the field of law enforcement and has never worked in Berkut. Asked if he cried Legni, Bandera! Melnikov replied: "I was not in the street yet, and at that moment I did not think who it was." "(Bandera – Approx. Ed.) – this is a person who was once a nationalist and defending his interests, "he said, adding that he is indifferent to this figure and does not treat him either negatively or positively.

Melnikov said about the C14 defeat: "At that point I was sprayed with a sprayer and I was worried that there might be something, and the condition is emotional. not on the head and I say that I had a direct intention to finish it impossible. "

He also said the police had tried to prevent people from entering the duty room where firearms were stored.

Video: facebook.com

Recall, on February 9, police detained a group of young people with C14 symbols on the Kiev Square, who claimed to carry knives, gas cartridges, and a gun with them. In C14 they said their activists participated in the action "Who ordered Katya Gandyuk?". During the arrest there was a fight, the police killed the detainees and one of them even called "Lieg, Bandera!".

On February 12, Pechersk District Court in Kiev decided to detain for two months policeman Vassili Melnikov, who is suspected of killing a representative of C14. The court also granted relief in case of introduction of 115 thousand hryvnia.

Earlier, "State" said that Ilya Kiva said she would pay a security for policeman Melnikov.

We also wrote that the policeman was removed from office for 2 months after a collision with radicals in Kiev.

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