Monday , June 21 2021

Potampe was a victim of deception: "The girl has a stick." Politeka

The famous Ukrainian rapper, showman and producer, Potap, who is now coach of the vocal show "Voice of the Country", has become a victim of his popularity.

I found a deal in which I used the name and photo of Alexei Potapenko (the real name of the artist), created a fake Facebook page and attracted money from novice artists by offering them PR services. He asked about cheap – only three thousand hryvnia than the customer. Poet's colleagues in the MOZGI group even provided a pseudo-Potap correspondence.

The musicians immediately triggered the alarm and made every effort to block the fake page.

"Be careful, this is not a real page of Potap (Alexei Potapenko). Do not believe in messages or suggestions from this user! Next to the name, click the MORE button and "Report profile"! This will help to block this profile faster, "wrote musicians.

As can be seen from the scammer's correspondence, he tries to deceive the naive girl to tell him the suggestion. And she writes that "The girl has a stick."

The fake page is now blocked.

Keep in mind that the famous Ukrainian singer Nasty Kamenski, who performs under the pseudonym NK, has recently radically changed the image and lost weight well, boasting her page at Instagram.

Celebrity went on holiday in sunny Mexico along with rapper Potap, who has long been attributed to romance and marriage. So all holiday artists showed pictures and stories separately, but Nostya has recently "illuminated" a joint picture with her beloved man, Artist Positive and his wife.

Recall that Potap has mocked Winnick at all.

As reported by Politaka, Potam publicly disgraced: They are aphids, dust and servants compared to us.

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