Thursday , January 21 2021

Rabbi refused to go to Tottenham

Rabbi refused to go to Tottenham

/ England

PSG midfielder Adrien Rabio refused to offer Tottenham Hotspur, says L 'Equipe.

According to the source, the footballer is not interested in moving to the London club who wants to buy it in the winter window for transfer. Recall, the 23-year-old Rabio's contract with PSG expires in the summer and he refused to renew the deal. Tottenham Hotspur was willing to pay the midfielder the amount that suits the PSG, in which case the club could get at least the money for the player.

Bayern, Chelsea and Liverpool are also interested in Rabio. Earlier, it was reported that Rabio had almost reached an agreement with Barcelona but asked the Catalonian club to increase the subscription bonus. As a result, Barcelona agreed to transfer midfielder Ajax to Franky de Jong and no longer considered Rabio as a priority.

Rabbi wants to go to Liverpool, despite Chelsea and Tottenham

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