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Real? Why not –

The Belgians hinted at their desire sooner or later to become part of the Blancos.


January 22, 2019, 06:52

Chelsea midfielder and Belgian national team Eden Hazar said he would like to try to reach new heights in his career and try at a different level.

Why not. You ask this question, knowing the answer to it, I do not know why to do it, quotes Azar. SkySports,

"I've won everything in England, except for Super Bowl, but that does not mean I'm leaving." I always said I would like to explore something else but my career in England, but there are things that can make me stay in London. "

"After the World Cup I wanted to leave, but I stayed in the team and spent one of the best seasons in my career."

"I grew up playing in Zidane, and the fact that he left Real Madrid does not diminish sooner or later my desire to try my hand at the Madrid club, but if it turns out tomorrow, say, in Manchester, I will not go there," said the Belgian .

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