Tuesday , June 15 2021

Scandal with killer activist in Kieve – Ya Bandera: historian raskasal, who in vicious scandal with policeman in Kiev

Situation with killing activist nationalist C14 police organizations in Kiev bыла использована политики и руководством Популиции с целью пиара и отвлеченото внимание от реальных проблем.

Об этом "Апострофу" рассказал доктор исторических наук Георгий Касьянов.

"Scandal with "Ложись, Бандера!" apparently co-ordained and scrupulous – absolutely rubbing the media and polytechnology, the transcendental private case in the nekuj большую проблему ", – считат он.

By the way, this incident has signaled a serious problem in public social and behavioral.

"Возьмем флешмоб, который запустили полицейские:" Я – Bandera! Gloria Ukrainka! "" It is good to know who is Banderas? "He said," It is a good idea to have a story with a history and a biography? "Said Kaskyanov.

In this respect, the MIC and the policies with a joyful approach to this scandal have their own purpose.

"A representative of the nationalist organization on the other hand, as well as the movements and the symbolic ego." The political police began to take the attention of societies from a problem of "reformed" police, "the historian said.

Krome Togo, Kasyanov critically refer to the Flembombu police "Ya – Banderev".

"It is a matter of course that the author of the post has been informed of the volume in which he has been banned, and he has been asked to do so by the National Institutes of the Interior, but that he has been involved in politically motivating policies, which is the case in the ideological way.Esly by the police force "Ложись, коммуняка", and by по этому поводу высказали недовольство власть имущие и "возмущенная общественность" – появился бы хэштег "Я – комунист" А если руковод SVR police – ubezhdennыe "banderovtsы" togda vozniknet vopros o depoliticization police, "- talked Kasyyanov.

Details of the scandal with the killings of the activist in Keeves read in the material "Apostropha": "Ложись, Бандера": the communist scandal and the poetic ego of distraction.

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