Thursday , June 17 2021

Steve Wozniak: I sold all my battles at peak prices

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said at a conference in Norway that he had sold all the priceboats on a price high because "he was tired of the industry hypothesis. This is reported by Business Insider Nordic.

According to him, "in the name of the experiment," he has acquired a certain amount of crypto-wave for about $ 700.

"My goal was to go to places like Stockholm and visit restaurants and hotels that only accept BTC. I wanted to use only Bitcoin while I was traveling. "– Wozniak explained the reason for buying the crypto.

Then, according to the publication, Apple's legendary co-founder sells all of his "digital gold" at altitudes close to the historic maximum in the region of $ 20,000.

When he [биткоин] I said I do not want to be one of those who constantly monitor the numbers and constantly worry about it. I do not want such care in my life. One of the components of my happiness is the lack of worries. So I sold, I just got rid of them. "– added Wozniak.

Earlier, Steve Wozniak talks about how the fraudsters have stolen seven battles from him.

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